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He’s become a modern-day Chuck Yeager, a test-pilot behind the times yet riding the bleeding edge, racing into a void so he can ignore those of his own creation. Tom Cruise introduces us to this complicated man at the beginning of “Top Gun: Maverick” (2022) and then somewhat shoves him aside for the typical testosterone, posturing, good guys and bad guys of the Jerry Bruckheimer action machine. But all that old machinery, it still works pretty darn good, with an extra-large helping of emotional exploitation. Maverick becomes Yoda. He finds his Luke and they go on a Death-Star-like suicide mission.

There’s something decidedly pathetic about sitting at home (on a Saturday night!), eating ice cream (from the carton!), and watching a movie about a one-night stand. You’re welcome, because I’m about to recommend “Two Night Stand” (2014), a somewhat self-conscious film about a somewhat self-conscious slacker chick (Analeigh Tipton) who picks a bad night for a good time. Miles Teller mixes snappy dialogue with a dash of hijinx. Someone once told me I don’t like funny movies, I like witty movies (and they only partially meant it as a compliment – I mean like 51 percent partially). I liked this movie.