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Is it just me, or does Mark Wahlberg’s 1985 yuppie hairdo not match his massive biceps? Sorry, had to get that off my chest. It bugs me. I was glad I didn’t pay $10 to see “Ted” (2012) in the theater. It’s definitely worth renting it from the vending machine at the grocery store, however. Typical of the current crop of R-rated guy comedies, it has a romantic element along with inappropriate drug humor and fart jokes. Wahlberg’s childhood teddy bear has come to life. Both are slackers. It would serve as a metaphor if this movie had any depth.

Romantic comedies are likeable mostly because you know what you’re getting: cliche-filled mediocrity. But everything works out OK, and sometimes, all of us need to know that things will work out OK. That being said, I was so proud of “Friends With Benefits” (2011) for trying to be something more, for appealing to my emotionally unavailableness, for mocking romantic comedy conventions, for getting two-thirds of the way through and then, well, and then running out of gas and resorting to all the cliches that get a typical romantic comedy from Point A to Point B. Kudos. At least they tried.