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What if you made a Brazilian tourism video that was also soft-core porn? (Redundant?) What if a Trump-like mogul used real estate deals to mask the fact he’s a closet perv? (Redundant?) What if you had Jacqueline Bisset and Carre Otis in tank tops? (Redundant?) Well, that’s pretty much all there is to “Wild Orchid” (1989), an early version of filmmaker Zalman King’s safe-for-soccer-moms style of screen screwing. This film is basically a practice run for every episode of “Red Shoe Diaries” and all the Skinemax ripoffs that followed during the 1990s (I mean, not that anybody was complaining). Redundant.


Once upon a time, critics ooohed and aaahed over actor Mickey Rourke’s gifted portrayals of lowlifes. Turns out he was a gifted lowlife portraying an actor. “Barfly” was made in 1987 when the critics were still fooled. It helps that the film includes Faye Dunaway, another darling of the elite scribes. It’s an ugly movie about an ugly topic. Rourke’s a drunk – who may also be a writer – but is mostly a drunken loser surrounded by like kind. The film would try to convince you there’s some poetry in the ugliness. In some ways, it’s a metaphor for Rourke himself.


In most movies about dumbasses, the dumbass has an epiphany that makes them stop being such a dumbass. Not in “The Wrestler” (2008), which is about a dumbass wrestler. It’s more like real life: dumbasses pretty much stay dumbasses forever, doing the same dumbass stuff over and over, with occasional forays into virgin dumbass territory. I liked it. Speaking of virgins, Marisa Tomei is very naked in this movie, belatedly answering prayers of now-middle-aged men who wanted to see her naked when she was doing chick flicks like “Untamed Heart.” Not mentioning anyone in particular. He’s probably just a dumbass.