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On the verbal SAT of my life, plays are to movies as bell peppers are to ice cream. And I really dislike bell peppers. Me watching a movie about a play is like me having to eat bell pepper-flavored ice cream (think about that for a second). Micheal Keaton is a washed-up movie action hero trying to put on a Broadway show in “Birdman” (2014). The darkness is too dark, the acting is too acty and there is waaay too much camera time devoted to middle-aged men in tighty whiteys. Yep, them’s chunks of real bell peppers on that sundae.

Remember when Michael Keaton was a big deal? He went from TV actor to comedy movie star in a flash and then – dun-dun-dun – he started getting serious. Remember when he was Batman? Anyway, right before Batman, he did a movie called “Clean and Sober” (1988). The plot basically took his typical comedy character, turned him into an A-hole with a coke habit, and then had him sort it all out. It’s a romantic comedy with drugs substituted for comedy and minus the “happily ever after.” Meh. Still, co-stars Kathy Baker and Morgan Freeman are enjoyable with their 1980s weird hair.