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At any given time, countless talented young people endure long days at grueling, demeaning, tedious, entry-level jobs, hoping for a payoff. The protagonist in “The Assistant” (2020) is one such talented young lady. But in a dramatic twist, I was the one enduring her long, grueling, demeaning day at her entry-level job, hoping for a payoff. It’s insinuated that her boss is a movie mogul in the vein of Harvey Weinstein, replete with unhealthy libido and filthy casting couch. We never see him, only circumstantial evidence and muffled conversation. Spoiler alert: no payoff, just painful quiet and unmet expectations.

If #metoo existed back when “Hurlyburly” (1998) was being filmed, a mob of anarchist feminists would have descended on the set and murdered all the male characters. Historians can debate whether we’d be better off. Anyway, this is probably the worst of those 1990s movies that tried to portray the vacuousness of Hollywood wheeling-dealing. It’s definitely the most misogynistic. And to think, 15 years later, Robin Wright and Kevin Spacey would team up again for “House of Cards.” And by the time she negotiated an equally inflated salary, he’d get me-tooed and she’d ultimately lose her job. It’s next-level karma.