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America was split over the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson. Many people were absolutely sure O.J. Simpson got away with a double homicide, while others were absolutely delighted to see a black man triumph over perceived biases in the Southern California justice system. But when it comes to “The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson,” there may be unanimity – this is one of the absolute worst films of 2020. Despite a few B-list names on the marquee (Mena Suvari, Nick Stahl, Taryn Manning) the script/acting is horrible in this alternate-universe reimagining of the deaths, in which a serial killer is implicated.

And some people say I’m resistant to change! In “Edmond” (2005), William H. Macy plays a mild-mannered, big-city office worker who finds out his meeting tomorrow has been bumped back. Next thing you know, he’s haggling hookers over sex while becoming a knife-wielding, nonsense-soliloquizing, homicidal maniac. It’s like “Falling Down” fell down. And can’t get up. Because Macy stabbed it. And then talked it to death. The incessantly pretentious chattiness comes courtesy of David Mamet’s play, which he adapted to somehow be even more like a play. Everyone sounds like they’re Capital A Acting, even when they’re committing a felony.