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Movies with poker-playing con artists are always kinda fun. Thus, “Shade” (2003) is kinda fun. The film also sets a world record for the number of cigarettes lit in a single movie (I counted 10 bazillion). But like a chain-smoking teen, it’s trying too hard to be cool. The silly graphics, the cheesy techno music, the one-too-many double-crosses. It’s so unsophisticatedly noir, it ends up blanc. Pronounced, blah. Which is too bad, because like I said, there’s some fun. Jamie Foxx appears, then disappears. And Sylvester Stallone plays a veteran card sharp trading Bogart and Bacall lines with Melanie Griffiths.

If Alfred Hitchcock had been alive to make 1980s cryptoporn, he would have made “Body Double” (1984). Let me explain. In some dark, horny corners, it’s cult classic. It launched the career of Melanie Griffith. It’s a kinky update of “Rear Window” where a claustrophobic actor replaces a bed-ridden photographer, a hard-core vixen replaces a Madison Avenue princess and Hollywood hills replace Manhattan walk-ups. Hitchcock devotee Brian De Palma wrote and directed. Frankie Goes to Hollywood makes a cameo in a music video that launched a thousand rubouts. I like to watch… uh, I mean, I liked to watch it.