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It’s one of those movies with a bunch of seemingly unrelated story lines that somehow are supposed to come together. It’s one of those movies with an eclectic ensemble of veteran stars (Jack Lemmon!), up-and-comers (Julianne Moore!) and WTFs (Huey Lewis?). It’s one of those Robert Altman movies. So you know all the critics and artsy-fartsy types loved “Short Cuts” (1993). I couldn’t wait for it to be over. Twenty-two major characters, and not a one of them is likeable. They’re all somewhere on a continuum from pathetic to despicable. I get it, Robert. Life in L.A. sucks. Your point?

I’ve always felt Apple products were a triumph of style over substance. They sell a perception that makes you feel cool but their products don’t perform any better than their cheaper competitors. In a twisted way, it’s a quintessentially American success story. That fascinating story is told well in “Jobs” (2013), but it left me with the same empty feeling I get when I see people camping out for an iPhone. A guy with a warped mind rises, falls, lies, is lied to, but, ultimately, wins. Because, for all his talk, winning is all that really matters. How unironically American.