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The term “creative destruction” is most often used in business, but there’s a small movie genre in which it applies. A stranger enters a close-knit community and miracles begin to happen. Hysteria – and predictably, jealousy – ensue. They don’t always end well, but a happy ending does not guarantee a great film. “Mr. North” (1988) is simply quirky, despite a loaded cast (Anthony Edwards in a rare-for-him, leading-man role, Virginia Madsen with an adorable Irish accent, Lauren Bacall, Robert Mitchum, etc.). Takes place in Newport, Rhode Island, in 1926, with producer John Huston in full nepotism mode (Danny directs, Anjelica co-stars).

Whores on horses. Westerns changed a lot after John Wayne died. “Bad Girls” is a 1994 revenge/caper/western with brief glimpses of Drew Barrymore’s boobies. Madeleine Stowe plays a butt-kicking madam with a dark past who shares undertones of homoerotic chemistry with Mary Stuart Masterson (Where is the Skinemax remake when you need it?). Andie MacDowell plays herself. James Russo channels Tom Sizemore playing a psychopathic bandito (which would be a great name for a rock band). Robert Loggia gets whacked (Doesn’t he always?). There are big guns (besides Barrymore). And no, Dermot Mulroney is not the dude from “Grey’s Anatomy.”

There’s a fine line between quirky and creepy. I’m not sure the makers of “The Cake Eaters” (2007) appreciated that. There’s a mom who takes naked pictures of her teenage daughter (It’s not what you think!). A guy who works in the high school lunchroom has sex with a special-needs student (It’s not what you think?). A guy who’s wife passed away two months ago is boinking some lady across town (It’s not what you think…). You know, the trailer is only a minute and 47 seconds, and it pretty much shows you the whole movie. And it’s better edited.