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A movie can be so stupid, so perfectly, perfectly stupid, that its perfect stupidity becomes its own art form, thus making the movie – well, not good, but at least mediocre. “Fantasy Island” (2020) is such a stupid movie. It’s an inspired idea to turn a 1970s TV confection into a horror movie. Fantasies manifest our most basic desires, which do not always involve hijinks with Ricardo Montalban and Barbi Benton (sometimes, not always). Here, a darker side is explored, but the modern horror cliches of skittering apparitions, zombie henchmen and oozing, black eye juice made me roll my (juiceless) eyes.

There are a lot of reasons why a film can be lousy. Perhaps the worst one is laziness. “The Con is On” (2018) is a limited-release bomb of a caper flick. The caper stinks (stolen loot, a psychopathic Russian, a big jewel, whatever). Uma Thurman looks spectacular and gives the impression of effort as a con artist with a checkered past, but her husband is Tim Roth doing a half-assed Dudley Moore impersonation. Crispin Glover plays himself as a bipolar director. Everyone else sucks and is not worth mentioning, except Parker Posey, who is horrific as a whacked-out movie flunky.