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By the time I got done watching “She Devil” (1989), I realized I hadn’t really watched it at all. Not like “just watching a movie,” anyway. I’d examined it, as I might examine a client’s tax information, or a sheet of football statistics, trying to solve a puzzle or discern a trend. Trying to learn something. What did I learn from this lowest-common-denominator comedy in which a scorned, frumpy housewife seeks revenge (spoiler alert: hijinks ensue)? Roseanne Barr is unlikeable at a molecular level, Meryl Streep tries too hard – at everything – and a bad movie isn’t worth “just watching” sometimes.

Will Ferrell is a really good actor who has done some really interesting movies with really strong casts. There, I said it. He has also done some total crap in which he barely even tried to write a script, much less memorize it. The adorable “Stranger Than Fiction” (2006), thankfully, falls into the former category. Maggie Gyllenhaal, Dustin Hoffman, Tom Hulce, Linda Hunt, Queen Latifah and Emma Thompson have all been nominated for or have won Oscars. Plus, there’s the two dudes from the Sonic commercials. And Mr. Ferrell, as an IRS agent whose life imitates art. Or vice versa.