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Kenan Thompson is one of the best cast members “Saturday Night Live” has ever had. It’s not his first ensemble sketch comedy. He starred as a kid on “All That,” which Nickelodeon spun into “Kenan & Kel” with Kel Mitchell. That TV show was so successful it spawned “Good Burger” (1997) where Kenan and Kel are part of a ragtag team of workers at a fast-food restaurant. The dopey plot is pure Nickelodeon sitcom junk food, but watching these two 19-year-olds trade snappy banter makes you understand why Thompson’s career took off and makes you wonder what happened to Mitchell.

Watching someone slowly die of dementia is not pretty. Spending almost two hours watching Tom Hardy act like he was dying of dementia wasn’t pretty, either. Maybe the makers of “Capone” (2020) had some high-minded artistic vision of taking this larger-than-life gangster and cutting him down to size by showing his final, decrepit days. As he deteriorates, feds and fellow gangsters circle him like vultures. Is it true that he hid some loot? Syphilis-infected and stroke-addled, Capone can’t – or won’t – say. I won’t say Hardy wasn’t challenged in his role, but I can’t say I cared to see the result.