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“Lincoln” (2012) is a fascinating movie for what it is, and for what it is not. It is not a biopic of the legendary president, full of fireside reading, rail splitting and debates with Stephen A. Douglas. It is a look deep inside the Washington sausage-making process that we know as American representative democracy. Along the way, it tries to reveal who Abraham Lincoln was, both his personality and what he stood for. It does a good job of that, although I doubt his every waking moment was spent earnestly saying profound things. Maybe he was just awesome like that.

Some people say the Civil War was fought over slavery. Others say it was a battle over states’ rights. The real reason: vampires. Thank goodness for “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” the other 2012 movie about Lincoln. Both films take liberties with the truth. This one, maybe a few more. It’s like a couple of stoners were watching the “Matrix” trilogy and said, “Dude, you know what would make this better? If Neo was Abraham Lincoln! And he was fighting vampire zombies!” It’s bloody good fun, actually. And it gives whole new meaning to the phrase, “The South Will Never Die.”