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Given the amount of awkwardly snappy dialogue found in “Baby Driver” (2017), I shall feel no shame in turning this review into a gearhead punfest for a film whose plot stalls out just before the checkered flag. The backstory (good kid collides head-on with bad dude) is finely tuned and the setup (one last job, girlfriend waiting for a fast getaway) is a high-octane classic, but the leaky climax is all over the road, loose in, tight out and full of knocks, pings and run-on. Not even the music, which flows like pure diesel, can jump-start this poor-handling caper flick.

The scenery-eating pestilence that is Kate McKinnon absolutely ruined “Yesterday” (2019). That’s too bad, because the premise of a struggling busker suddenly waking up in a world where seemingly only he knows the works of The Beatles is brilliant. The “Masquerade” plot structure is deployed skillfully as the busker struggles to have his false voice heard, then rockets to stardom. The climax is clever and the story amazingly finds additional poignant twists as it parachutes to its conclusion. Except someone thought McKinnon would provide (unneeded) comic relief as a record exec. Her character’s existence is an unwanted irony unto itself.