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George Strait has a reputation of being a fine, upstanding gentleman and representative of old-school country music values. It’s so earnestly trumpeted that you wonder if it’s not a big come-on. (After all, George Burns once said if you can fake sincerity, you’ve got it made.) In 1992 he (Strait, not Burns) donned a fake ponytail and fake stubble to do “Pure Country,” about a burned-out Nashville star who rebels against the smoke and laser shows of modern, arena-style concerts. Earnest hijinks ensue. By the way, 1992 was the same year “Achy Breaky Heart” was the No. 1 country song.

There are creative people, and then there are Hollywood People. They, too, are creative, but are so manifestly, psychopathically needy that it drives them to seek attention and adulation in ways others cannot comprehend. Under proper supervision, Hollywood People can make award-winning movies that everyone loves. Left to their own devices, they make movies like “Peep World” (2011), whose only redeeming qualities are its brevity and an abundance of attractive redhead supporting actresses. It’s about a dysfunctional Jewish family. One of them wrote a popular novel based on the family’s dysfunctions. There’s lots of stylishly filmed, self-absorbed kvetching. The end.