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Do you enjoy heartwarming stories in which a ragtag misfit (or band of misfits) overcomes adversity to achieve their dream? You say you’ve seen 100 of them by now? Well, welcome to 101. Like most things WWE, “Fighting With My Family” (2019) is first and foremost a promotion for the wrestling conglomerate. But all the necessary cliche elements are there. Relative unknown Florence Pugh plays the misfit, an English girl who aspires to stardom. There’s a stern coach, a kindly mentor, family strife, a crisis of confidence, workout montages set to music, blah, blah, blah. You’ll love it. Or not.

Pro tip: Never watch a DVD that’s been previously touched – even once – by someone under the age of 21, because it will be scratched all to hell. Having said that, I still enjoyed muddling through my borrowed copy of “300” (2007). Despite missing most of the climax, I know the story (outnumbered Spartans are total badasses). Besides, the story isn’t the point. This film is notable because of its ground-breaking special effects, which give you the surreal feeling that you are either watching a comic book come to life or a commercial for the best video game of all time.