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If you were a sports agent who invited dozens of media members and baseball scouts to see a couple of unknown Indian kids, you would not wear a Los Angeles Dodgers hat at the tryout. (OK, I got that off my chest.) “Million Dollar Arm” (2014) stars a cliche of a hotshot agent who thinks India might be an untapped source of baseball talent – and baseball marketing dollars. There’s an awkwardly forced love interest subplot, too. Everyone learns a lot about themselves (it’s a Disney film). Just meh. In India, cows may have souls. Unfortunately, “Million Dollar Arm” does not.

I have a degree in broadcasting. I’ve worked as a DJ. I can leave a telemarketing voicemail that makes you question whether you want to erase it. Yet I know, even on my best day, I can’t hold a candle to the NFL Films guy who says, “frozen tundra,” or the movie trailer guy who says, “in a world…” Thus, I got quite a kick out of the cute little movie “In a World…” (2013). It’s a smartly written, neofeminist mockup of the voiceover business that’s witty enough to overcome a plethora of grating characters who, ironically, talk too much.