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George Strait has a reputation of being a fine, upstanding gentleman and representative of old-school country music values. It’s so earnestly trumpeted that you wonder if it’s not a big come-on. (After all, George Burns once said if you can fake sincerity, you’ve got it made.) In 1992 he (Strait, not Burns) donned a fake ponytail and fake stubble to do “Pure Country,” about a burned-out Nashville star who rebels against the smoke and laser shows of modern, arena-style concerts. Earnest hijinks ensue. By the way, 1992 was the same year “Achy Breaky Heart” was the No. 1 country song.

I get the fact that Martin Scorsese needs to move on from the Mafia to a new generation of criminals, which explains “The Wolf of Wall Street” (2013). I’m just not sure what I was supposed to get out of this movie. It’s voyeuristic fun watching the decadent rise and unsurprising fall of pump-and-dump stock millionaire Jordan Belfort, as played by Leonardo DiCaprio. At several points, however, we’re fed the notion that Belfort was somehow helping everyone else while he was helping himself. That’s just typical self-serving sales bullshit, but not surprising. A salesman’s first priority is to sell himself.

In “Broken City” (2013), everybody’s dirty. Everybody has a secret. (Except for Alona Tal. She’s just adorable.) What was I saying? Oh, yeah, “Broken City” is so dirty, it’s very hard to like. It’s like Bostonian Mark Wahlberg made this movie just to make you hate New York and everyone in it (except Alona Tal). Wahlberg and Russell Crowe have star power as a tainted cop and tainteder mayor, but the film noirish revenge/murder/double-cross plot is a mess. (Oh, and another thing. How is Kyle Chandler in every movie that Channing Tatum isn’t in all of a sudden? Dude’s prolific.)