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Hey! Remember that spy movie Gene Hackman made with Mikhail Baryshnikov in 1991? The one where they apparently ran out of money with 20 minutes left and had to lazily end the movie halfway up the Eiffel Tower with one guy suffering from a gunshot wound, the bad guys still patrolling and the femme fatale disappeared? No, you don’t remember. Because why would you have bothered seeing “Company Business” if Hackman & Co. didn’t bother to complete a coherent thought? They’re trying to say that post-Cold War politics makes classic spywork confusing. Apparently, it makes for confusing movies as well.

Bill Murray has appeared in a lot of movies, but he’s only directed one. Co-directed, I should say. I presume the lackluster result of his (and Howard Franklin’s) leadership in “Quick Change” (1990) convinced Mr. Murray to get back on the other side of the camera and stay there. A broad comedy about a bank robbery and ensuing getaway (spoiler alert: hijinks ensue) totally fails despite an impressive cast (Geena Davis, Phil Hartman, Jason Robards, Kurtwood Smith). Randy Quaid is awful. I’ve never given much thought to which of Mr. Murray’s movies is the worst. Now I’ll never have to.