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Poignancy involves a poetic kind of sadness that elevates it from being merely sad. “Nowhere Boy” (2009) is a poignant look at the angst-filled teen years of John Lennon. We’re not talking sissy suburban angst like some show on the CW. This is heavy duty, postwar England, stiff-upper-lip, my-mom-abandoned-me-because-she’s-crazy angst. Although Lennon’s the protagonist, he’s often not very likeable. His mom and aunt aren’t much better. But they’re not bad people, just flawed. You’ll wonder if Lennon became “John Lennon” because of all this drama. Or maybe in spite of it. Either way, you’ll never again wish you were him.

We all have a family member who starts describing a movie and then says, “it would have been good if they hadn’t gotten all political.” Well, that person would not like “The Walker,” a 2007 movie that will also bother people who don’t like to see men kissing. Woody Harrelson does a good job playing a gay southern bon vivant caught up in a murder investigation that has more to do with Washington maneuvering than figuring out whodunit. The murder plot is fairly interesting. Lauren Bacall plays a socialite and must have been the most smoking hot 84-year-old in history.