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I saw the original “Death Wish.” Bruce Willis’ 2018 version is not “Death Wish.” It’s primarily a Bruce Willis movie. In it, he becomes a vigilante to avenge crimes against his family. That sounds a lot like “Death Wish,” but it’s not “Death Wish.” The 1974 version was weightier in every aspect. The crimes against Charles Bronson’s family were worse, his vengeance less precise and the moral argument more personal (although I do like the irony that Willis’s character is a trauma surgeon). But ultimately, Bruce Willis and his preternatural lack of gravitas is the problem with Bruce Willis’ “Death Wish.”

If someone were to make a 2015 version of “Risky Business,” it would be a lot like “Dope.” I don’t know if one inspired the other (I don’t research movies, I watch movies) but the similarities are eerie. I liked both immensely, but let’s focus on “Dope.” Straight-A high school kid takes a walk on the wild side, Straight Outta Compton-style hijinks ensue and the kid learns a little something about himself. I especially loved it when one of the kid’s sidekicks is wearing a vintage University of Miami jersey, No. 43 – Larry Brodsky, who went to my high school.