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Film noir isn’t all cigarettes, alcohol and funky cinematography. Unfortunately, “D.O.A.” (1988) is. The gimmick here is that Dennis Quaid has been poisoned and before he dies, he must tell the police his version of all the death and destruction that’s taken place over the previous 36 hours. Problem is, he only seems to suffer symptoms when it’s dramatically convenient and walks out of a precinct house with a very long hallway much better than he walks in. (As I write this, I’m suddenly thinking somebody pulled a Keyser Soze on me. But they didn’t. It’s just a mediocre movie.)

There aren’t many movies about Puerto Rico, so I can safely say “A Show of Force” (1990) is one of the better movies about Puerto Rico. It’s a heavy-handed, left-leaning, sorta-based-on-a-true-story political crime thriller starring the bizarre combination of Amy Irving, Andy Garcia, Kevin Spacey, Erik Estrada, Robert Duvall and Lou Diamond Phillips. And Andy Garcia’s beard, which covers so much territory, it deserved its own credit. Spacey plays a mysterious FBI agent. His performance might have been more effective had he played Frank Underwood or Keyser Soze first. You’ll roll your eyes realizing that Irving is playing a Hispanic journalist.