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You know, I would just love to take a dump all over “Horrible Bosses 2” (2014). (I’m only speaking metaphorically. Jennifer Aniston’s character might be inside my head a little bit.) But dang it, I just can’t. I mean, it made me laugh out loud a couple of times. My expectations were low. (It’s a sequel to a ridiculous 2011 film in which three wimpy everymen plot revenge and hijinks ensue.) It met them. It’s another disposable Jason Bateman comedy. Jamie Foxx’s character is understatedly funny and “How You Like Me Now” by The Heavy is a great theme song.

Modern cinema suffers from a disease known as blockbusteritis. Symptoms are cookie-cutter plots in which the hero saves the world and hooks back up with ex-wife/girlfriend, in no particular order. Oh, and helicopters. Lots of helicopters. Experts are trying to track down the host virus, but it dates back at least as far as a 1995 outbreak called… well, it’s called “Outbreak.” Dustin Hoffman saves everyone from a killer disease by making impassioned speeches. Ex-wife Rene Russo might have been better off dead. In an unusual twist, neither of the two black co-stars (Morgan Freeman, Cuba Gooding Jr.), get killed.

I’ve gambled and won regularly (basketball, football), broke even (scratch off tickets) and gone from way up to busted (casino). I’m no high roller, but I’ve learned that to win big, you have to wager an amount that is uncomfortable to most people. Interestingly, being uncomfortable gives you a rush when you win AND lose, and a strange, incomplete feeling when you stop. “21,” the 2008 story of MIT kids that break the Las Vegas blackjack tables, is quite a thrill ride. But even though the inventive plot ties up all the loose ends, it’s still strangely unsatisfying. Ironic, huh?