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I once wrote a novel about a sarcastic person whom everyone took seriously. Thus, the sarcastic person ended up having to play out a lie they never meant to tell. Now, if someone told you Redbox was joining the original content game along with Netflix and Amazon Prime, you’d think that someone was sarcastic. What if that someone was Redbox and you actually believed them, so they had to hire Bob Saget to make a godawful film about an intervention where the interveners are more messed up than the intervened? It’s called “Benjamin” (2019) and it’s worse than my novel.

After Kurt Russell and Kevin Costner schemed and competed to put out movie versions of the Wyatt Earp saga in 1993, I was surprised to see them teamed as Elvis impersonators gone bad in the 2001 shoot-em-up/caper/comedy/road flick “3000 Miles to Graceland.” Then again, they double-cross each other about 3,000 times in this movie, so maybe art imitates life. The special effects are horrible (with all the gunplay, too bad the editor wasn’t shot) but the story isn’t half bad. Lots of familiar faces in small roles (Ice T! Paul Anka?). Courteney Cox steals the show as a redneck grifter.

Ever seen that movie where the fast-talking ladies man is pulling off one of his over-the-top con jobs when he unexpectedly falls in love, has a crisis of conscience, loses the girl and has to do something ridiculously implausible to win her back? Yep, there’s a thousand of ’em out there, and they mostly all suck. So much for “Juwana Mann” (2002), the story of a deposed NBA hotshot who pretends to be a women’s professional basketball player. Hijinks ensue. Ugh. The one saving grace is that Miguel A. Nunez Jr. has some great lines while playing a total a-hole.