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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart made a movie called “Central Intelligence” (2016). I can imagine some critics enjoyed playing with the word “intelligence,” as in the movie’s lack thereof. But the story itself has depth: high school loser and homecoming king find roles reversed 20 years later as they team up in a sort-of buddy-cop flick with a complex, and cartoonishly violent, international espionage subplot. Johnson gives a great effort, but Hart’s high-pitched schtick makes me tired after about 10 minutes. It’s similar to my feelings toward Melissa McCarthy, who, ironically, has a funny (and blessedly brief) cameo.

I’ll say this. “Get Hard” (2015) could have been worse. A lot worse. Will Ferrell hires Kevin Hart as a life coach for impending incarceration? I was expecting another lousy Ferrell comedy, and instead I got another solid Hart comedy. With a plot! I’ve said before that Hart understands a little Kevin Hart goes a long way (and I laughed when I said it that time, too). It seems Ferrell followed his lead. They usually were able to stop after I smirked but before I rolled my eyes. Summary: simplistic plot, stupid humor, penis joke, but not a waste of time.

“About Last Night” (2014) is an Afrocentrically ensembled reboot of a 1986 relationships movie that was part chick flick and part dude flick (even though we all know that any movie that is even 1 percent chick flick is all chick flick). This one attempts the same strategy. But let’s talk about its de facto star, Kevin Hart. I sense he knows a little Kevin Hart goes a long way (ha, ha, get it – he’s short). He’s impressively able to dial back his schtick just enough to not get on your nerves. He makes this extremely average movie worth watching.