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Emilia Clarke completely inhabits her blue-eyed, redneck fallen angel role in “Above Suspicion” (2021), the story of an FBI informant (her) and agent who get more than they bargained for in drug-infested, 1988 Kentucky. She also gets an incredible number of close-ups, so much so that you become intoxicated and immersed, especially if you’re watching it on a Monday morning while slowly recovering from actual intoxication the night before. It may not be a great film, but I can recommend it for Monday couch recovery. Also, Johnny Knoxville is good as the menacing, drug-dealer boyfriend. Based on a true story.

(This review is riddled with spoilers. Not that you’re likely to see this film. It spent only three weeks at the box office in spring 2019.) It does a great job of scene-setting an alien takeover of Earth from the vantage point of one neighborhood in Chicago. (As usual, the weather is sucky in the future and everyone’s clothes are dirty.) And John Goodman pulls the best going-out-with-a-bang move since Clint Eastwood in “Gran Torino.” Unfortunately, “Captive State” comes off as less a movie than a pilot for a Syfy Original Series. You know, “this is only the beginning.” Whatever.

It was hard to review “Draft Day” (2014). I don’t even know what it was supposed to be. A two-hour infomercial for the official car, truck, pizza, cellphone and television network(s) of the NFL? An NFL propaganda piece to overdramatize the annual college player draft so that it becomes completely untethered to reality? A star vehicle to prove that Kevin Costner can still bang actresses half his age? This movie is so preposterous, so implausible, so convoluted, so overwrought, so overacted, it became slightly entertaining. Like a car wreck. But with clown cars. Full of football players. And Jennifer Garner.