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As the movie begins, the dialogue exiting Kevin Dillon’s mouth is pure, action-movie drivel. I immediately wonder, “is this Kevin Dillon acting in a B movie, or is this Kevin Dillon playing his ‘Entourage’ character, legendary B-movie actor Johnny Drama, acting in a B movie?” Wondering was better than focusing on the incoherent Bruce Willis gun porn that is “A Day to Die” (2022). Willis plays a cop (surprise), there’s corruption (surprise), Dillon’s wife is kidnapped by gangsters (surprise) and double-crossy heist hijinks ensue. With B action stalwart Frank Grillo also co-starring, Willis reinforces his current run of prolific mediocrity.

When it first came out, I watched “Entourage.” At some point, I stopped watching it. (Maybe I dropped HBO, maybe it moved to a different time, I don’t remember.) So while I’m familiar with the story, I don’t have the bromantic attachment that long-time watchers did (or do). The 2015 cinematic update? It’s decent – and probably better if you had never seen the TV show. All the better to experience the Hollywood superagent-turned-mogul played by Jeremy Piven. After all, the show was never about heartthrob Vincent Chase and his buddies. It was Ari’s world. They were just living in it.


I like Kevin Dillon more than Matt Dillion, and Jennifer Tilly more than Meg Tilly, and Van Johnson more than Ben Johnson, and Ramon Estevez more than Emilio Estevez. Other than that, I liked “Tex,” a 1982 movie about teen angst in Oklahoma. Too bad every teenager can’t solve their problems with a gunshot wound. I would have liked it a lot more had I watched it in 1982, when I was 16. And if I’d been a girl. And if the movie had a plot. And if Matt Dillon had worked with a dialogue coach on his Yankee accent.