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The minute the tech millionaire lays eyes on the lady in the raincoat at the grocery store, you know it’s a setup. That’s bad for “Shattered” (2022) and bad for us. What’s left is wondering how it will play out, which could have perhaps been interesting with some clever writing and a plot twist or two. Instead, it’s a gory, Internet-era rip-off of “Misery.” Granted, Kathy Bates won an Oscar playing the demented captor of a successful author. Not here. The only Oscar murderous con-woman Lily Krug deserves is Oscar the Grouch, because her performance belongs in a garbage can.

If there was ever a role that seemed to have been created just for Susan Sarandon, it’s that of Nora Baker in “White Palace” (1990). You see, the thing about Sarandon is that both you and she know there’s plenty of women more beautiful than her, but her attractiveness strikes at a visceral level that you can’t understand or resist. So having her play a redneck St. Louis waitress to James Spader’s uptight Jewish yuppie is a no-brainer. Unfortunately, this rom-com lacks in com and while it presents interesting questions about class and privilege, the answer is clumsy and derivative.

It doesn’t take an effing genius to figure out “Bad Santa 2” (2016) wouldn’t be as good as the original because Bernie Mac is effing dead, so is John Ritter, and Heather Graham must have been too effing busy to answer the phone. Half the main characters (Santa-suited safe cracker Billy Bob Thornton, elf Tony Cox, clueless Brett Kelly) are back, but that’s just not enough. There was something about the original that made its degenerate nature a guilty pleasure. This one has too much dirty and not enough whimsy. Like a 21-year-old Thurman Merman, the effing innocence is gone.