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Apparently, “Bad Moms” was such a surprise hit (as if it was still a surprise that in 2016, there was a market for R-rated shock-comedies starring women) that the makers got Mila Kunis and everyone else back together to crank out a sequel in a little more than a year. Even better (as in not better), it’s Christmas themed. So we have “A Bad Moms Christmas” (2017) trying to catch lightning in a chimney. But whereas the original had just the right amount of mommy pathos, this one overdoes things (sequels always do) by pitting the moms against their moms.

In 2008, when “Step Brothers” was released, Will Ferrell was 41 and Mary Steenburgen was 55. In the film, she plays his mom. I bet that hurt when her agent called. I bet it also hurt when she read the script and counted how many F-bombs she would be dropping for the sake of a cheap laugh. What was that Mary? You won an Oscar? That’s cool, but were you ever a “mystery slimed celebrity” at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards? This plotless movie is a loosely strung sequence of admittedly funny gags, but Ferrell’s shock-and-awe comedy style grows old.


I am somewhat perplexed that I liked such an unlikeable film about such an unlikeable person. Jason Bateman, apparently tired of playing uptight white guys in 758 films over the past couple of years, wrote and directed “Bad Words” (2013). In it, he plays a sociopathic white guy who is using a national spelling bee to settle a vendetta 40 years in the making. There are cliche bad-boy hijinks to ensure an R rating and a cliche relationship with an extremely unsociopathic young contestant, but other plot and dialogue conventions are mocked throughout. Which might be why I liked it.