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Toward the end of “The Social Network” (2010), one of the characters talks about legal depositions and emotional testimony. They say that they don’t form opinions of people based on emotional testimony because 85 percent of it is exaggerated and the other 15 percent is perjury. Interesting, since we are expected to believe this movie is a relatively factual representation of the founding of Facebook – with the entire story built around several depositions and/or hearings. It’s an interesting movie (good acting, snappy dialogue), but not as much fun when you realize it’s probably 85 percent exaggerated and 15 percent lies.

I’ve latched onto something about recent romantic comedies. If Justin Timberlake and Jason Segel are both in the movie, it doesn’t suck. “Friends with Benefits” was the first one I saw, and now “Bad Teacher” (2011). What an unexpected surprise. I had been brainwashed into disliking Cameron Diaz, but she is a skinny, shot-out bundle of self-mocking fun. And this movie doesn’t even become a real romantic comedy until a couple of late-game hints are followed by a climax during the denouement (what did I just say?). Timberlake is great at subtly mocking his former boy-bandiness. Segel’s just damn funny.

Based on the trailers I saw, “Trouble with the Curve” (2012) looked like it was pretty emotionally manipulative, so I kinda figured it would make me cry. I held it together until the big Mexican kid drops a 12-6 curve so pretty, it about makes a punk teenager crap his pants (maybe I watch too much baseball). It’s a good way to spend a lazy afternoon or evening, but it’s no “Moneyball.” In fact it’s the opposite of “Moneyball,” with good (grizzled old scouts and pert redheads) triumphing over evil (computer-savvy metrosexuals). Clint Eastwood and Amy Adams star as good.