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“Lincoln” (2012) is a fascinating movie for what it is, and for what it is not. It is not a biopic of the legendary president, full of fireside reading, rail splitting and debates with Stephen A. Douglas. It is a look deep inside the Washington sausage-making process that we know as American representative democracy. Along the way, it tries to reveal who Abraham Lincoln was, both his personality and what he stood for. It does a good job of that, although I doubt his every waking moment was spent earnestly saying profound things. Maybe he was just awesome like that.

I hope Seth Rogen watches himself in “50/50” (2011) and vows only to be like that in every movie he ever makes for the rest of his life. Supporting actor. Saying stuff that makes me laugh out loud five minutes into the movie. Pulling me back when the friend-has-cancer stuff gets to movie-of-the-weeky. Smoking pot in a way that is appropriate to the plot and not just a lazy comic crutch. What a pleasant surprise. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was the perfect straight man. Kudos to Bryce Dallas Howard and Anna Kendrick for making chicken salad out of their chickenshit, one-dimensional characters.