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“Men in Black II” (2002) assumes you saw the original, so it doesn’t spend a lot of time justifying all the aliens and strange plot twists. Actually, it doesn’t spend a lot of time doing anything. It’s barely over 90 minutes long. I will say this: As far as being a hybrid of sci-fi, action and buddy cop flicks, it does about as good a job as the original. Even the surprising undercurrent of poignancy remains, though barely. They just don’t seem to be trying very hard. Or maybe Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones just make it look easy.

Emilia Clarke completely inhabits her blue-eyed, redneck fallen angel role in “Above Suspicion” (2021), the story of an FBI informant (her) and agent who get more than they bargained for in drug-infested, 1988 Kentucky. She also gets an incredible number of close-ups, so much so that you become intoxicated and immersed, especially if you’re watching it on a Monday morning while slowly recovering from actual intoxication the night before. It may not be a great film, but I can recommend it for Monday couch recovery. Also, Johnny Knoxville is good as the menacing, drug-dealer boyfriend. Based on a true story.