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On Halloween, I watched the creepy (not scary, creepy, and by creepy I mean ubercreepy) “Transcendence” (2014), a cinematic treatise on the moral struggle behind man’s quest to create artificial intelligence, starring Johnny Depp. (Side note: You know how pissed you get when tech support asks you if you’ve turned the machine off and turned it back on? OK, well, if your balky machine is designed to create an AI program capable of self-awareness and emotion while also scarily regenerating tissue, reanimating the dead and taking over the voices of others, that on/off thing actually works.) Like I said, ubercreepy.

Know the difference between the cool kids and the popular kids in high school? The popular kids care about seeming cool, but the cool kids don’t care if they’re popular. That’s what makes them cool. With that in mind, behold “21 Jump Street” (2012). It is a mediocre rip-off of a mediocre 1980s Fox network detective drama. But it doesn’t care. It sooooo doesn’t care. It drowns its mediocrity in profanity and wears its lack of originality like a crown of irony. Like a pair of hipster horn rims. Which is kind of cool, in a mediocre sort of way.