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The lead character’s Asperger syndrome is weaponized to drive the plot of a murder mystery in “The Night Clerk” (2020). I don’t know whether that’s progress because it normalizes the condition or whether that’s disgusting because it exploits the condition. Tye Sheridan works hard as the eponymous hotel employee, Helen Hunt is the protective mother and John Leguizamo is the detective who knows the socially awkward clerk knows a secret. They and other characters are irritatingly conflicted and the ending leaves many unanswered questions. So, if you ask me how it was, I’d have to say that’s a complicated question.

It’s presumptuous to announce in April the worst movie of 2017, so let’s just say “Arsenal” is the leader in the clubhouse. (Spoiler alert: It’s not about the soccer team.) A bunch of B-list actors (Cage, Cusack, Grenier) and some meathead I never heard of (Schaech) perform a Mississippi Delta white trash version of the good brother, bad brother film conceit. Awful dialogue. Bad (Cage, Schaech) and/or indifferent (Cusack, Grenier) acting. Obscenely bloody, stylized violence that seems geared toward 16-year-old gamers. Question: Why would they watch this crappy movie when pretty much any bloodbath video game is better than this?