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Between Alice Eve’s flatliner performance and Al Pacino’s worst accent ever (Jesus Christ! Would all these Yankee thespian geezers stop trying to do Southern accents once and for all!?! I’m looking at you, too, De Niro!) I have almost nothing good to say about “Misconduct” (2016). (Malin Akerman occasionally sticks out as the crazy ex-girlfriend – that’s it.) Josh Duhamel is a lawyer in over his head. Eve is his wife. Pacino, his boss. There’s some sorta film noiry, sorta Fatal Attractiony, sorta Grishamy plot twisty stuff, but it’s mostly a mess. Evil CEO type Anthony Hopkins patiently endures it all.


Love Alec Baldwin’s bloated middle-aged caricature of a pseudo-profound crazy executive on “30 Rock” and fantasize about him as a younger, sexier caricature of a quasi-profound psycopath mobster? Love Demi Moore’s yummy, timeless cougarosity but can’t remember what she looked like as an equally delicious but less-processed, pre-cougar, flawed beauty? Love James Gandolfini in “The Sopranos” and wonder what Tony would have been like as a lower-ranking goodfella working his way up? All those questions are answered in “The Juror,” a halfway-decent 1996 movie about jury tampering that seems like an adaptation of a John Grisham novel, but isn’t. Enjoy.