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Former “Saturday Night Live” performer John Belushi made a movie (“Continental Divide”) that takes place in the Rockies. He died a few months later. SNL host John Candy died while filming a western called “Wagons East” (1994). Ex-SNLer Chris Farley died shortly after making the western “Almost Heroes.” (Career advice for Will Ferrell? Do salads, not drugs. Or westerns.) As for “Wagons East,” Candy does a pretty good job looking and acting the part of a bearded, mountain-man, wagonmaster. But the dialogue is lame and the cast is mostly B-listers (Richard Lewis, John C. McGinley) who just schtick it up.

To say “Article 99” is derivative is to say blood is red. The title evokes “Catch: 22” while the movie itself is a 1992 reboot of “M*A*S*H” at a veterans hospital. It even has Kiefer Sutherland as the new doctor, echoing his dad’s role in the 1970 film. Kiefer’s pornstache is splendid, as is Ray Liotta’s hair (Ray’s the new Hawkeye). Bureaucrats are again the enemy, co-workers again have sex, there’s laughs, there’s pathos, there’s an inspirational climax, there’s even John C. McGinley from “Scrubs” playing – surprise! – a wacky doctor. You see it all coming from a mile away. Yawn.

So this is what Tyler Perry is like when he’s not dressed like a grandma? Perry plays a Detroit homicide detective who’s a genius AND a badass in “Alex Cross” (2012). He’s like one of those quirky characters that populate TV these days (“House,” “The Mentalist,” “Elementary”) that has the ability to find obscure clues that nobody else notices. Plus, he’s like six-foot-a-hundred and carries a big-ass shotgun. So there’s that. But the whole movie seemed kind of cookie-cutter. Which makes sense, since it’s based on a novel by the prolific James Patterson. So at least it’s a tasty cookie.