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Mix a World War II flick (ragtag bunch becomes lean, mean fighting machine) with a martial arts flick (bloodily elaborate fight scenes), plus a smidge of “Real Housewives of West Africa” and you’ve pretty much got “The Woman King” (2022). Viola Davis plays the tough-as-nails leader of a crack, nineteenth century fighting unit. She’s beset by better equipped foes, palace intrigue and past trauma. Meanwhile, new recruits go through basic training. Cue the climactic battle scene, followed by a fit-for-Oprah denouement. It’s above-average, extremely violent entertainment for general audiences, with slave-trade subplot complexities that may resonate more deeply for some.

It features robots battling reptile-looking alien thingys, but “Pacific Rim: Uprising” (2018) feels more like a St. Bernard – big, sloppy and lovable. Just like in the original, this sequel unloads a fusillade of clichés along with impressive weaponry. This time there’s even a subplot resembling “Top Gun” meets “Mickey Mouse Club.” There’s still ridiculous amounts of destruction (with very few dead bodies – unless the bodies will move the plot along) and attempts to save the world, but just like in the original, this film winks at you every once in a while, letting you know it’s in on the joke.