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The nascent Redbox production studio has helped finance some crappy movies, but they may have grabbed hold of something with “Becky” (2020). By traditional standards, it’s still bad. But bad in a low-budget, grindhousey sort of way, and fun for the whole family (provided the whole family likes gore). A teen girl, still mourning the loss of her mother, is brought to her old house for a weekend getaway. Some Nazis led by Kevin James (seriously) join the party and slasher hijinks ensue, but with a girl-power twist. Some of the violence is so over-the-top gross, it’s laughable. Or cringeable.

If someone had made a sequel to “Team America World Police,” it would have sucked. How about waiting 14 years and then doing a police procedural with pervy puppets and some human actors? That might not suck. And thus we have “The Happytime Murders” (2018). It’s terrible, awful, raunchy, funny, satirical – and oddly topical, if you catch the absurdist racial subtext – but it definitely doesn’t suck. If the premise doesn’t appeal to you, don’t watch it. If the hilarious shock of parody hardcore puppet sex hasn’t worn off in the years since “Team America,” come enjoy it all over again.

“A Merry Friggin’ Christmas” (2014) was one of Robin Williams’ last movies. I know you might feel guilty about not liking it, but that’s OK, because this movie isn’t that good. (I can imagine the conversation that went on in some Hollywood development meeting: “Picture ‘Planes, Trains and Automobiles’ meets ‘Christmas Vacation.’ It’s pure gold, I tell ya!”) So anyway, the guy from “Community” stars as the prodigal son of a dysfunctional family, of which Williams is the foul-mouthed, boozy patriarch. Cliched Christmas hijinks ensue. Road movie hijinks ensue. Sloppy plot construction and awkwardly staged family melodrama ensue. Sorry, Robin.