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Justice comes cold, but surely, in “Wind River” (2017), a murder mystery that takes place on an Indian reservation in Wyoming. Jeremy Renner works for the fish and game department and stumbles on a crime scene that hits close to home. An FBI agent keeps him around for his tracking skills, but the real co-star is the weather. It’s beautiful and dismal all at once. It impacts every second of every day. One character bemoans the “snow and the quiet.” I chose to view it on one of the coldest nights of the year in my town. A wise move.

“American Hustle” (2013) was rolling up on the two-hour mark. I was getting fidgety. Forty-eight-year-old derrieres can only sit for so long. There seemed to be no payoff. The characters were interesting, but the story was bleak. Con-man films work best when there’s someone to root for. The only person I liked was Jeremy Renner’s corrupt New Jersey mayor, and his role was fourth-billed. (Truthfully, I was also rooting for the wardrobe director, who reminded me of my horny 1979 teens with Amy Adams’ spectacularly low-cut blouses.) But then, wow. Not the best movie of 2013, but worth the wait.