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Garry Marshall died a few months after the release of “Mother’s Day” (2016) and I can assure you, he took no sitcom-style plot conventions with him to the grave. They’re all here: the younger and sexier second wife, the wacky parents, the sassy black friend, the wedding scene, the hospital scene, the graveyard scene. He did everything but have Fonzie jump a shark again. But that was Marshall’s gift. He could take boilerplate romantic comedy material and pan fry it in enough schmaltz to clog an artery, yet it would always come out satisfying (not great, satisfying). It’s cinematic comfort food.


It was hard to review “Draft Day” (2014). I don’t even know what it was supposed to be. A two-hour infomercial for the official car, truck, pizza, cellphone and television network(s) of the NFL? An NFL propaganda piece to overdramatize the annual college player draft so that it becomes completely untethered to reality? A star vehicle to prove that Kevin Costner can still bang actresses half his age? This movie is so preposterous, so implausible, so convoluted, so overwrought, so overacted, it became slightly entertaining. Like a car wreck. But with clown cars. Full of football players. And Jennifer Garner.

I probably shouldn’t watch “13 Going on 30” if my age is 13 plus 30 (OK, maybe a little more). Jennifer Garner’s whole bright-faced innocent youthfulness is usually very refreshing, but when she is playing someone who is, in fact, 13 years old, it is refreshing overkill. This 2004 movie is part of the whole “be careful what you wish for” genre that “Big” and “Freaky Friday” inhabit, where the kid wants to grow up too soon, magical hijinks ensue and a Valuable Lesson is learned. It would have helped to not be cynical, but I’m out of magic dust.