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I’m not a big fan of movies in which a bunch of losers do what they do best. “American Heart” (1992) is one of those movies. It’s a cross between “My Own Private Idaho” and “Of Mice and Men,” which makes it depressing squared. It mainly seems to be a vehicle for Jeff Bridges to show off his biceps, as well as his ability to grow an amazing mustache and ponytail while chain-smoking all the cigarettes in the greater Seattle area. Edward Furlong plays the kid, because he always does. The ending is ridiculous, as is Tom Waits’ musical accompaniment.

I assume “R.I.P.D.” (2013) was filmed in 3-D, because that would explain all the unnecessary, distracting visual effects. Alas, I watched it on my 13-year-old, 22-inch, analog TV, so I only got 2-D: dopey and derivative. I can imagine the Hollywood lunch where it was green-lighted. “Guys, imagine this – ‘Men in Black’ meets ‘Ghostbusters’ with Jeff Bridges as Rooster Cogburn, plus Ryan Reynolds to get the teenage girl audience the first weekend! It’s a surefire hit!” This is another movie based on a comic book (pardon me – graphic novel). Unless you’re a 22-year-old boy (or 13-year-old girl), pass on it.

I saw the original “True Grit” when I was a child, many years ago. I do not judge the 2010 version against the 1969 John Wayne version. Each stands well on its own. The newcomer is simply a fine cowboy movie. Colorful characters. Not too long. Doesn’t try to be profound. Two extra things make it great. Hailee Steinfeld plays a confident-beyond-her-years 14-year-old girl that carries the movie by sheer force of will. And the script takes the language of the 1800s and turns it into poetry. It is an exercise in meticulous sentence structuring that brought me great pleasure.