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A middle-aged couple looking to spice things up makes a “Sex Tape” (2014), gets careless, hijinks ensue, they learn a valuable lesson about themselves, blah blah blah, the end. Hope that didn’t ruin it for you. If it did, watching the trailer reallllly ruins it. Actually, watching the trailer (which contains most of the funniest lines) and skipping the movie wouldn’t have been a bad idea for most people. However, I do like Jason Segel’s comic delivery and I’m enjoying more and more the post-modern approach Cameron Diaz is taking to her roles. But too coarse and too much slapstick.

I’ve latched onto something about recent romantic comedies. If Justin Timberlake and Jason Segel are both in the movie, it doesn’t suck. “Friends with Benefits” was the first one I saw, and now “Bad Teacher” (2011). What an unexpected surprise. I had been brainwashed into disliking Cameron Diaz, but she is a skinny, shot-out bundle of self-mocking fun. And this movie doesn’t even become a real romantic comedy until a couple of late-game hints are followed by a climax during the denouement (what did I just say?). Timberlake is great at subtly mocking his former boy-bandiness. Segel’s just damn funny.

Romantic comedies are likeable mostly because you know what you’re getting: cliche-filled mediocrity. But everything works out OK, and sometimes, all of us need to know that things will work out OK. That being said, I was so proud of “Friends With Benefits” (2011) for trying to be something more, for appealing to my emotionally unavailableness, for mocking romantic comedy conventions, for getting two-thirds of the way through and then, well, and then running out of gas and resorting to all the cliches that get a typical romantic comedy from Point A to Point B. Kudos. At least they tried.