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Look at little ol’ Redbox trying to turn one of their crappy action concepts into a franchise. Most of the films they help bankroll suck, and “Black Site” (2022) isn’t much different. It’s cliche-filled, blood-soaked, CIA-espionage boilerplate, as a rogue terrorist (or is he?) tries to kill the good guys (or are they?) at a secret base in Jordan. Michelle Monaghan is the presumed good guy and Jason Clarke is the presumed villain, so at least there’s some talent on board. And it’s actiony enough that you might actually be interested in seeing how it plays out, despite the cliches.

We live in times when some take delight in exacting moral leverage over others by judging yesterday’s actions against today’s standards. Those of us who aren’t as self-certain in matters of virtue can ponder films like “Chappaquiddick,” the 2018 retelling of the 1969 car accident that killed a young lady and altered Ted Kennedy’s life. It’s fascinatingly ambiguous and will get you thinking – if you’re someone still inclined to do that. As the Kennedy machine tries to save his political career, we’re reminded that Ted isn’t the victim, the girl is. But are we really talking about the car wreck?