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I don’t know whether it’s the Mandela Effect or Hollywood Publicist Effect, but “On Golden Pond” is not how I remembered it from 1981. I recalled a big, drawn-out, family melodrama with lots of capital A Acting from Henry Fonda, Jane Fonda and Katherine Hepburn. While Jane brings a Chris-Craft full of melodrama, she’s barely in the film. It’s really a Hepburn-dominated examination of relationship dynamics (that somehow had remained unexamined until Henry’s almost dead). Oh, and a kid gets dumped on the old folks for the summer in what must’ve surely violated the kid’s California family court visitation agreement.

Some records will never be broken. I can’t think of one right now. I’m sure it involves Hank Aaron or Michael Jordan or somebody. Oh, wait, here’s one: Most Consecutive Movies Where You Play An Uptight White Guy. Jason Bateman has become the DiMaggio of WASPiness, even when he plays a Jewish dude, like in “This Is Where I Leave You” (2014). It’s a harmless little cliche about family dysfunction that plays like an episode of “Parenthood,” but with cussing, pot smoking and boob jokes (I’ve never actually watched “Parenthood,” maybe all that stuff is in the TV show, too).