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To think that Ray Liotta gave his life so we could witness “Cocaine Bear” (2023)… well, we’ll always have “Goodfellas.” Apparently, there’s a true story from 1985 about a black bear who ingested part of a cocaine airdrop in the Georgia wilderness. Hijinks ensued. This film takes the duffel bag and runs with it, mixing family comedy, dark comedy and horror in creative but awkward and disgusting ways. Liotta plays a drug kingpin. I don’t know if it was trying to be all things to all audiences, didn’t understand its central theme or the writers were high on coke themselves.

If you like rom-coms, how about a rom-dram? Broken people are brought to a Texas farm to search for their missing pieces in “The Lost Husband” (2020). While the b-list, TV-ish stars (Leslie Bibb, Josh Duhamel) and a key plotline (widowed, suburban mom is thrown together with hunky, divorced farmhand) would seem ripe for the standard hijinks, the laughs are muffled by layers of mourning, secrets, dysfunction and mournful secrets about secret dysfunction. Ready to cry yet? Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of opportunities. Pleasant surprise: ex-SNLer Nora Dunn holds the story together in a controlled performance as Bibb’s aunt.

I didn’t watch many episodes of “The Office,” but if I could imagine the most disgusting storyline ever, it would be just like the plot for “Corporate Animals” (2019). Demi Moore replaces Steve Carell as the psycho boss and brings everyone on a team-building field trip that takes a macabre turn. Hey, look everybody – there’s even Ed Helms! Unfortunately, the resemblance ends there. Because while “The Office” was able to mine deadpan humor from a deep cave of absurdity, this film simply has dead people, a cave, and is absurd. It thinks it’s being funny, but just makes you squirm.