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A slow buildup can create suspense in scary movies. In “Children of the Corn” (1984), it creates boredom, and time to wonder how a dimwitted young doctor and his girlfriend (gorgeous Peter Horton and gorgeouser Linda Hamilton) were able to string so many bad decisions together. It’s not their fault a small town was co-opted by a possessed cornfield for a reenactment of “Lord of the Flies.” But who drives from Illinois to Seattle by way of Nebraska? Even I-29 avoids Nebraska! But like the TV commercial says, bad decisions are the soul of mediocre horror flicks, even Stephen King’s.

I hate to say it, but watching “Body Cam” (2020) made me wish I was watching a film with a more interesting plot device involving police officer body cameras. For example, a movie shot entirely with body cam and dashboard cam video would be cool. The film I was watching was boring. It was a police procedural hiding inside a horror flick (or maybe vice versa). It touches on hot topics (officer-involved shootings, PTSD) but not in an interesting way. Mary J. Blige stars as a cop and shows limited acting range, but no worse than any other B-movie star.

Based on the plot synopsis (wife-abusing genius finds spookily high-tech way to be even more abusive), I knew I wasn’t likely to be keen on “The Invisible Man” (2020). Some people like scare-me-boo movies, though, and if you’re one of those people, don’t let this review stop you. It appears Elisabeth Moss is striving to resurrect the mantle of America’s Victim once held by Sondra Locke. It was excruciatingly disturbing to spend two hours watching her be watched as the scary-movie, tension-building, plot-twisting to-do list is methodically checked off. For the sake of empowerment, plausibility is bent until it breaks.