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Give an unreliable filmmaker an unreliable narrator and you get David Lynch’s “Lost Highway.” Along with the highway, I also lost two-plus hours of my life I’ll never get back. Unless I value the time I spent watching Patricia Arquette. I can imagine in 1997 a lot of couples saw Arquette and Bill Pullman on the same marquee and figured it was a win-win date movie. Then Robert Blake shows up in pancake makeup and lipstick. You can’t unsee that. Then bodies start hitting the floor thanks to a sax player who’s jealous, or hallucinating, or something. But definitely unreliable.

“Bad Boys II” (2003) begins with a shootout and car chase that wrecks half the vehicles in Dade County, including a boat. It ends with an invasion of Cuba led by Miami PD, the DEA and the CIA. Is it necessary to mention it’s a Michael Bay/Jerry Bruckheimer production? The two hours in between are filled with more shootouts and car chases, plus wacky banter between Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. There’s a plot that involves catching a bad guy, but it’s superfluous. A good movie for when you want to turn off your brain and watch shit blow up.