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It was an inspired bit of casting for writer-director Guy Ritchie to make former heartthrob Hugh Grant the weasely linchpin of his British caper flick “The Gentlemen” (2020). Ritchie brings a unique style to this type of film and Grant proves to be a worthy air traffic controller as scenes cut from one character’s perspective to another and back and forth across time. Matthew McConaughey is trying to sell his (illegal) business and he thinks he has a buyer, but cutthroat hijinks ensue. There’s bullets, blood and belly-laughs – sometimes all at once. Ritchie makes it look easier than it is.

I continue to believe true equality is not found in rare excellence, but in the above average and the mediocre. For example, if honkeys can make money churning out formulaic romantic comedies (cough, hallmarkchannel, cough), why can’t minorities? Of course they can! “Crazy Rich Asians” (2018) sometimes feels more engineered than created, but it hews to a tried-and-true rom-com storyline (working-class girl meets rich guy’s family), throws in a few twists, and manipulates in all the right places. Plus, you have the novelty of untrodden cinematic ground (Asians with British accents, exotic Singapore locations, etc.). Not great, not bad. See?