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It would be easy for a journalist to be jealous of a novelist. Journalists must adhere to the facts, while novelists can manipulate the facts to suit the narrative. (Don’t start with your opinions about the news media. That’s a conversation for another time.) But while journalists can report the facts and consider it truth, novelists must adhere to an abstract concept of artistic truth that is much, much harder to execute. So to speak. Which explains “Infamous” (2006), the story of “In Cold Blood” and the mentally tortuous route through the gallows that Truman Capote took in creating it.

To say that “Country Strong” (2011) is a somewhat sad film is to say that Hank Williams sorta knew how to sing about loneliness. It should have been nominated for “feel bad movie of the year.” (Somehow, I can even hear a lonesome whistle blowing in the distance as I write this review.) Garrett Hedlund, Tim McGraw, Leighton Meester and Gwyneth Paltrow all give great performances, but their characters are as dysfunctional as a Nashville trailer park. They are awful hard to love. Good music, though. Hell, maybe that’s the point. Hank probably could have written a song about it.