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They don’t make ’em like “Town & Country” (2001) anymore. They can’t. If a movie this saturated in white privilege and male libidinaity were made today, the filmmakers would be flogged in the town square (or at least get a lot of dislikes on social media). Nobody would blame Warren Beatty, however. Don’t hate him because he’s beautiful. Anyway, a family (Diane Keaton and Beatty – he’s an architect because of course he is) with homes on Fifth Avenue and in the Hamptons has a bit of a mid-life crisis, as do their friends (Goldie Hawn, Garry Shandling). First-world hijinks ensue.

At the beginning of “Housesitter” (1992), Steve Martin tells Dana Delany he’s had a crush on her since ninth grade. Given that he’s 10 years older than her in real life (and looks every minute of it), I immediately began to have issues with this film. But then the more age-appropriate Goldie Hawn came along in her tight jeans and fixed everything. Martin and Hawn are such pros, they took a hackneyed rom-com plot (little fib becomes big lie, hijinks ensue, people make speeches, mismatched couple finally realizes true love, gag, the end) and turn it into something entirely watchable.

There’s a very witty and well-acted scene at the family dining room table early in “Snatched” (2017). I remember it well because it rang so true – and also because it’s one of the few truly funny moments in this disposable Amy Schumer vehicle that got lost somewhere in the Amazon jungle. Bickering mom and daughter go on vacation. Boring formula comedy hijinks ensue. Nonsensical plot twists. Wasted supporting players (Wanda Sykes, Joan Cusack) and forced shock humor. Stunt casting – Goldie Hawn as the mom (I’m going to Hell for saying this, but Hawn’s awful, face-related preservative technology was a distraction).